Monday, August 18, 2014


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Chor Yuen earlier was rumored to have Alzheimer's disease. When Chor Yuen's wife Nam Hung two nights ago attended a charity Cantonese opera show she clarified, "He doesn't have Alzheimer's. That day I went with him to see a doctor for a monthly examination. Maybe because I didn't wear any makeup and we were dressed casually, we looked like we were very depressed." Nam Hung pointed out that Chor Yuen was in good spirits. "However Hubby now doesn't want to go out. Because he feels that he was on the set everyday before, he enjoys staying at home now, watching television, eating and sleeping."

Nam Hung joked that she instead went out, learning calligraphy, painting, singing and other hobbies. "Hubby hasn't studied with me. He joked that he used his brain too much before, now he doesn't want to use his brain too much." She said that Chor Yuen was not upset about the illness reports. "He is very happy, enjoys the family life. He is just very afraid of entertaining." Nam Hung said that every month she has been practicing Cantonese opera and admitted that she still has the acting bug. "Actors naturally have the acting bug. I have had offers and am interested. I of course want to play the gentle wife and kind mother, but now I am older. Even the younger folks are playing Ma." Next month she will perform in Malaysia.

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