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Choi Si-Won shares his drink with Eddie Peng
Carlos Chan's shoulder is still bandaged and his mobility is limited
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Shawn Dou and Carlos Chan compare scars
Choi Si-Won has watermelon for relief of the summer heat
TO THE FORE shoots a road race at Central
Eddie Peng was present early
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The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed Emperor new film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) after completing its Taiwan location shoot yesterday shot a cyclist road race at Central. Because around 200 cyclists played extras, the team offered over HK$1,000 daily for them early on. With the set and various expenses, the conservative estimate of yesterday's production cost was over 1 million. Executive Albert Lee even personally appeared on the set to cheer the team on.

Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Shawn Dou Xiao, Choi Si-Won, and the earlier injured Carlos Chan Ka Lok yesterday gathered at Central for work. Originally planning to personally perform, Ka Lok in the end listened to Director Lam and used a double. He finally was only arranged to shoot the drama scenes. While changing into his cycling gear, Ka Lok was less than fully mobile and needed assistance from several workers.

Ka Lok up arrival received consolations from the team, which warmed his heart. He also said that luckily Director Lam did not switch him out. Two nights ago Ka Lok said at an event that due to his shoulder pain, he needed help changing and bathing. Aside from Ka Lok, Director Lam earlier also injured his hip. Dou Xiao yesterday also had a big "centipede" (stitches) on his arm. Dou Xiao said, "Several days ago during the shoot Eddie and I were messing around the bike and I fell. It's just a superficial wound." He even took out disinfectant to clean his wound. "Does it hurt alone? It really hurts!"

Choi Si-Won had female fans chasing him from Taiwan to Hong Kong. Si-Won often went over to the fans to shake hands and greet them. Due to the heat, he asked his assistant to get cold beverages in a nearby shopping center. He even got watermelon. Emperor had a lot of confidence in TO and planned to release it next summer.

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