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Fiona Sit, Barbara Wong, Mark Lui
At the Taiwan celebration Ivy Chen is too shy to watch her only back baring scene.  Also Shawn Yue loves to play prank on her.  Their three second kiss scene feels like ten minutes
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The film GIRLS after a week in release has already made 200 million yuan RMB at the Mainland box office, NT$ 40 million at the Taiwan box office and HK$ 3 million at the Hong Kong box office. Two nights ago director Barbara Wong Chun Chun along with one of the lead actresses Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and the film composer Mark Lui Chung Tak went to a Tsim Sha Tsui cinema for an audience appreciation event and opened bottles of champagne to celebrate the box office heading toward 300 million.

The audience was very surprised to see their sudden appearance. Fiona who just celebrated her birthday even received a rendition of the birthday song from the entire audience. Someone even jokingly wished for her bust to turn from 32A to 36D. She laughed and said that she was pleased with how she was. Fiona was busy with her September concert preparation, thus she would only attend one audience appreciation event. She joked that the audience should buy the lottery. Later the trio sat with the audience for a group photo.

Fiona was 15 minutes late. She said that she was busy with her concert rehearsal and flew over. She said, "Earlier I danced for four hours, I was drenched in sweat. Originally I wanted to shower before coming, but I was afraid I would be late. I only dried off and put on some perfume then rushed over." Reporters said that last time at the premiere she also did not bathe after a rehearsal. She said, "During this period I have to rehearse for my concert. I have turned down many jobs. However I have no reason to miss the film premiere. Now it has good box office I have to support it even more. The company for my convenience arranged for a hotel room in Tsim Sha Tsui as my make up room." She also said that she was very pleased with the performance. Would she get a bonus due to the good box office? She said that she has never had a bonus in her film career, but if she could make GIRLS 2 I could discuss the bonus issue.

Would she celebrate with the cast? She said that Ivy Chen and Yang Zishan were both working on films. How much did she lose from turning down jobs? She said, "Probably a lot, but my manager really knows how to console me and said earlier that one or two jobs weren't suitable so they were turned away. However now I would never be told what job was turned away. It would not be mentioned at all. The concert was still the most important. This is a long term investment. For the concert I have to rehearse the songs and the choreography. I can't just dress up to make money."

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