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Kathy Yuen plays Pinky Cheung's daughter and even has a romance with her teacher Patrick Tam
Kwok Fung, Ai Wai
Meiki Wong, Charles Ying
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Meiki Wong denies that she is living with her boyfriend
Lam Man Lung, Meiki Wong, Patirkc Tam, Rachel Lam attend the production start ceremony
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The film LET'S STOP FIGHTING! (NGOR MOON TING JIN BA!) yesterday held a press conference in Kowloon Tong. Michael Lam Man Lung, Tony Wong Yuk Long and Rachel Lam Hei Tung appeared as the investors. They along with the Hong Kong Film Development Found invested HK$10 million to the production budget. Lam Man Lung said that his own investment was in 7 figures. He said, "After reading the script, I felt it's worth making. Later Hei Tung asked me if I would be interested in investing. I felt young people needed support so I made the investment. My wife could not agree more. I believe the audience also would like to have a good film to watch." He also said that the film will be released at the end of October.

Kathy Yuen (Tong Yee) in the film played Pinky Cheung Man Chi's daughter. Cheung Man Chi joked, "In the film COLOR OF THE TRUTH (HAK BAK SUM LUM) I already put on aging make up to play (Raymond) Wong Ho Yin's Mommy. This time I play Mommy again, I no longer need aging make up. At the same time I don't need to be sexy, but I have to handle a lot of emotional scenes." Tong Yee in the film had a teacher student romance with Patrick Tam Yiu Man. She said, "Tam Yiu Man and I's most intimate scene would just be leaning on each other." Has she informed her boyfriend Ken Hung Cheuk Lap? She said, "I have done even kiss scenes, it's just a film production. Everyone understands."

Reportedly Wong Mei Kei spent a night at her boyfriend Ray Chung Kin Wai's home. Mei Kei said, "Friends have asked me about that, which absolutely didn't happen. I mind living together, and my parents are against it very much. I don't want a trial marriage because I have to respect my parents." She said that she and Chung Kin Wai have only known each other for half a year and needed to get to know each other more. They were friends and have not met the parents yet.

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