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Nick Cheung only gives Sammi Cheng 4 kisses at the press' urging
Myolie Wu, Nick Cheung, Cheuk Wan Chi and others celebrate Sammi's birthday in Beijing
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Man two nights ago with Cheuk Wan Chi, Rita Ip Lau Suk-Yee and Winnie Yu Jung attended the film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) premiere at Admiralty. However Ka Fai was stiff with Sammi during photos,which was quite a contrast to Sammi who leaned on Ka Fai. Finally Ka Fai during the interview kissed Sammi four times.

Sammi joked about Ka Fai's stiff performance during the photo shoot. "No, he is a traditional Chinese man. He would be more reserved with his limbs. I instead am a little wilder, like a guy." Ka Fai stated that he was not stiff and even told Sammi to come over so he could kiss her. Was he afraid that Sammi's boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On would be upset? He joked, "With photo shoots of course I have to pretend to be a gentleman with manners." He continued to say that he had a feeling of meeting too late with Sammi. He also had an idea for working together again in the future, but it would not be a romance. It would be a hardcore drama, only for now he did not know whether he would direct or act.

As for Sammi's claim that he declined to be her concert guest, he admitted that he did not know how to enjoy the share. The last time when he was Julian Cheung Chi Lam's guest he kept practicing. He said, "So even Sister Dodo (Carol Cheng Yui Ling) has said that I am a music scene swindler, after winning the new artist award once I stop singing. Even though I like singing I don't have to turn it into a profession. Even my daughter says I don't sing well." After the FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2) shoot he will rest for awhile. Then he pretended to be brave and said that he wanted to kiss Sammi. Only when they stood together he suddenly "backed out". After some pushing and pulling he could only pretend to kiss Sammi's cheek four times.

Speaking of Ka Fai's interest in working with Sammi again. She admitted, "Although I look very mild mannered and elegant, I really like hardcore. I want to make some controversial and surreal films. I even want to play a character with mental problems and flaws." Was she afraid that she would not be able to leave the character and bring back her depression? She said that it would not and clarified that her illness was not related to the ability of leaving the character. In addition now she knows how to handle her emotions and have the support of her faith. Even when she played a flawed character she could still laugh out loud at home. Reporters joked that she was so happy because she had On Jai at home. She sweetly smiled and said, "Then you makes some sense too."

TEMPORARY FAMILY last night held a Beijing premiere. August 19th will be Sammi's birthday. Ka Fai prepared a key shaped birthday cake at the premiere for her and invited everyone to celebrate with lead actress in advance. When asked why the cake was key shaped, he humorously said, "Because Sammi in the film suffered a lot for a home, so I gave her to mansion key to her." Did Sammi dislike celebrating her birthday? She said that she liked celebrating her birthday very much, to her it was like breathing. The team and the fans sang the birthday song, she made her birthday wish for her good health and revealed that next year she will plan to release a record.

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