Friday, August 15, 2014


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Kwai Lun-Mei will be this year's Taiwan Golden Horse Award ambassador. Yesterday she worked on a promotional short film. Speaking of last year's ambassador Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Siu Mei pointed out that she was very happy to receive the baton from him. This time in the short film she would look back at her start at age 17. The setting and costumes all were retro.

Siu Mei said that she has seen many elders' performance like Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and Cheung Man Yuk. She also could not stop praising their excellent acting. She also said that currently she is busy with her film BLACK COAL, THIN ICE promotion. She was very happy that it was recognized at the Berlin Film Festival. This time in the film she had many emotional scenes and her acting bug was fully satisfied. She pointed out that she turns 30 this year. She looked forward to even greater expansion in her future looks and acting range. She would not mind playing mother roles. In the hope she hoped to have even more opportunities to display her feminine side.

Siu Mei and director Leon Dai have been together for nine years. When will they wed? She said that she believed in a stable relationship and not a format. They were satisfied with the current condition, and her stable relationship made her even more ambitious at work.

She also said that she looked forward to attending this year's Golden Horse Award. She heard that this year Gong Li will compete for Best Actress, and she looked forward to seeing her then.

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