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Second clan son in law Tang Wai Yip filed for Yiu Wing Entertainment bankruptcy
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Sammi Cheng opens the shows with BEAUTIFUL FOR LIFE
Joey Yung bids Cheung Yiu Wing farewell
Cheung Yiu Wing
A seat is saved for Cheung Yiu Wing, with a bottle of cola with his last name.  His first wife Law Kwai Chu is seated next to him.
The event continuously displays Cheung Yiu Wing's photos with various singers
Jacky Cheung laments the bankruptcy order on Yiu Wing Entertainment
Jenny Tseng thanks Cheung Yiu Wing for bringing her into the Hong Kong Coliseum
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The two show "Father of Concerts Yiu Wing Hong Kong Coliseum Show" opened last night. Stars who have worked with Cheung Yiu Wing like Mayday, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Jenny Tseng, William So Wing Hong, the Grasshoppers and others perform to salute Uncle Yiu Wing. The show was sold out. In the audience were Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong, and Uncle Yiu Wing's wife. The event also saved Uncle Yiu Wing a seat under the control room, with a bottle of cola that was labeled Cheung at the seat.

Last night the show opened with a video introduction of Uncle Yiu Wing's life, praising his effort for fulfilling singers' Hong Kong Coliseum stage dreams and dedicating the Hong Kong Coliseum stage to Uncle Yiu Wing. When the concert officially began, a recorded message from Chan Suk Fun was played. "We regret the loss of a good friend very much. He was the publicly recognized Father of Concerts. When he organized concerts he never considered whether they would profit or not. As long as singers wanted to perform, he would help. He did everything personally and saw the Hong Kong Coliseum as his second home. I hope everyone would give him their best performance tonight."

Later the singers appeared for the salute to Anthony Lun Wing Leung's piano rendition of YEARS FLOWS LIKE WATER, except Hok Yau, Cheng Sau Man and Jenny Tseng who were preparing to appear on the stage. Yung Choi Yi, the Grasshoppers, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Sally Yeh and Mayday all appeared in mourning colors but light spirits. First act Cheng Sau Man performed BEAUTIFUL FOR LIFE and the crowd roared. She often asked the audience to sing along to express everyone's remembrance of Uncle Yiu Wing in their hearts.

Later the event also displayed photos of the Hong Kong Coliseum construction process and photos with singers whom have worked with Uncle Yiu Wing on concerts. Then "Giant Lungs" Jenny Tseng appeared and performed LOVING ONLY YOU and TALK ABOUT TODAY TOMORROW. Jenny Tseng recalled, "Back then I performed at the Lee Theater. Uncle Yiu Wing was the one who encouraged me to perform the first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The venue was 5 times larger. Uncle Yiu Wing also organized my 60 year old Hong Kong Coliseum concerts. Tonight I am here absolutely for Uncle Yiu Wing." She also wished that Mrs. Cheung would be able to continue her long journey in good health.

In addition, Hok Yau, Chen Wai Lam, George Lam Chi Cheung, Sally Yeh, Eliza Chan Kit Ling and Anthony Lun Wing Leung were among those who appeared at the Hong Kong Coliseum yesterday afternoon for final rehearsal. Fans screamed Hok Yau's name as soon as they saw him. When Hok Yau went over to shake their hands they rushed up to present gifts and asked for autographs. After the rehearsals he went back to shake hands with the fans.

In the middle of the month the court issued a bankruptcy order to Uncle Yiu Wing's "Yiu Wing Entertainment", thus his concert kingdom announced its end. The event revealed that the proceeds from this concert would go to Uncle Yiu Wing's family. The concert organizer Chan Suk Fun and the workers appeared in the afternoon for a worship ceremonies, but Uncle Yiu Wing's family did not appear and Yiu Wing Entertainment did not send any representative. Everyone replaced wine with Uncle Yiu Wing's favorite cola at the ceremony and pray for everything to go smoothly. Hok Yau during rehearsal was asked about the "Yiu Wing Entertainment" bankruptcy order. He helplessly said, "Mr. Cheung ran the operation, with his passing, (the company) closing would be very normal."

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