Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Show Luo successfully lands the lead in Stephen Chow's new film
courtesy of on.cc

Stephen Chow Sing Chi at the end of last month held an online recruitment for his new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU). Sing Yeh in his doing everything himself style earlier went north to scout locations with director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai who was also one of the recruitment judges.

Reportedly, Sing Yeh already had a "favorite". He was rather impressed with the Mainland post 90 beauty Zhang Zetian, who looked like a breath of fresh air and even resembled top star Liu Yifei a little.

Currently 20 year old, Zhang Zetian is studying at the Qinghua University. With the nickname of "milk tea girl" she became an internet sensation. Her boyfriend was rumored to be the Jingdong Mall executive director with an estimated worth of 10 billion, Liu Qiangdong. However, since the Mainland film company invested 150 million RMB in the film, it also once expressed hope that a top Mainland star would play the mermaid. Thus "Milk Team Girl" for now remained the back up lead actress.

As for the lead actor, Sing Yeh originally wanted to work with Mainland star Wen Zhang again, but because he would direct a film he turned it down. Later the selection narrowed down to Taiwan hunk Show Luo or Mainland actor Xu Zheng. Although Piggy was more suitable in age, for the Mainland market Sing Yeh once selected Xu Zheng who rose to stardom with LOST IN THAILAND and had box office guarantee. Because the new film will have funding from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Sing Yeh after careful considering finally decided to go with Piggy.

Sing Yeh earlier was caught with Chin Kwok Wai on a location scout on the beach of Huizhou. Sing Yeh covered him up from the exposure to the sun with a jacket and a baseball cap. Chin Kwok Wai also held an umbrella for him. Because the film will have a lot of ocean scene, Sing Yeh checked out the location in detail and focused on discussing work with Chin Kwok Wai and the team.

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