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Mother Ko breaks down in tears
Manager Angie Chai asks the media to raise their left hand to be sworn in
When Ko Chen-Tung arrives at the hotel he ducks to avoid cameras
Ko Chen-Tung remains silent in the vehicle
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Ko Chen-Tung gets choked up as he says, "This is an ugly scar that will be with me for the rest of my life."  
Ko Chen-Tung deeply regrets using drugs and promises not to anymore
Ko Chen-Tung got no sleep at the hotel the night before as he blamed himself for his wrongdoing
After 14 days under administrative detention, Ko Chen-Tung bows in apology as soon as he appears in his Beijing press conference
Ko Chen-Tung does not blame Jaycee Chan, only himself for making a wrong choice
Ko Chen-Tung sobs several times as his father comforts him with tissues
Ko Chen-Tung waves and bows to the media as he and his parents prepare to return to Taiwan

A video of Ko Chen-Tung signing his release appear on Beijing morning television
Ko Chen-Tung looks worried after the press conference
Several dozen reporters wait for Ko Chen-Tung when pushing and shoving begin
Some accuse Ko Chen-Tung of getting violent before security leads him off.  He explains that he is only worried about his father's safety

Angie Chai, Ko Chen-Tung and his parents bow in apology
Ko Chen-Tung blames himself
Over 100 reporters cover Ko Chen-Tung's press conference
Anti drug advocate shows up with a protest sign
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Taiwan artist Ko Chen-Tung was arrested with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) for marijuana use. After 14 days of administrative detention, yesterday morning he was released and in the afternoon he held his first apology press conference in Beijing. Dressed in white, Ko Chen Tung appeared with his parents and manager. Throughout the entire apology event his face was covered with tears to express how sorry he was. He said, "Very sorry, sorry, I have made a mistake on this matter. I don't have any reason, any cause, or any excuse. I am just wrong!" He described the entire matter as an ugly scar that would follow him for the rest of his life. He would even remind himself at anytime the pain of his mistake.

The 23 year old Ko Chen-Tung after 14 days in the detention center yesterday morning was released and finally he was able to enjoy the air of freedom. Ko Chen-Tung after half a day of rest yesterday afternoon with his manager Angie Chai and his parents attended the apology press conference.

His manager Angie Chai led the way, Ko Chen-Tung appeared with his parents. He bowed in apology as he solemnly said, "This time I made a mistake, without any reason, any cause, or any excuse. I was just wrong." Then he broke down. Starting his career 3 years ago, Ko Chen-Tung made the name known to everyone. The journey has always been very smooth. He said, "Yet at the time I didn't know that the name Ko Chen-Tung didn't belong to just me. The most hard to talk and the most worrying was that because of my own selfish and stupid behavior, my family has suffered enormous pressure. My parents and brother are all very sadden and heartbroken. I am very sorry......but I was wrong, without reason. I must face it, face the mistake, the most important is to correct this mistake."

Ko Chen-Tung then said, "For several days I have been thinking a lot. The world has no drug for regret, only if you are willing to change or not. I am willing because I don't want to sadden anyone who loves me and people I love. I truly have wronged them."

Speaking of fans who have always protected him, he said, "I made a mistake and broke the law, I am very sorry. Please don't follow my example. I will work very hard on the correction. I absolutely will not break the law again. I will work hard on reforming myself, growing up a little more everyday."

As for the future, Ko Chen-Tung again tearfully said, "This time is like an ugly scar that would follow me for the rest of my life, but it is on me; I can see it at anytime and remember the pain of the mistake. Sorry everyone, I have become the worst, the most negative role model. For these people I would be brave, to make myself better and better. Sorry!" Ko Chen-Tung cried that he was willing to change. Father Ko also would examine how he raised his children and apologized to the public. The Ko family and Angie Chai rose and gave a 5 second long bow to end the speech portion.

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