Sunday, August 10, 2014


Busy with promotions and audience appreciation events with Ekin Cheng
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Now when promoting a film, audience appreciation is a certainty. We went through states and provinces, north and south and back and forth, all for the moment at the end to say to the audience, "Thank you for your support!" Each time as I waited outside the cinema to go in, my feeling would always be mixed. In my mind many possibilities flashed: very few viewers at the cinema; or when we went in jeers would rise; I also worried that we would hinder viewers who were in a hurry to leave......despite thinking about anything and everything, in the end something outside my imagination would still appear.

Once in Shenyang, we already went inside. While interacting with the audience, a couple at the cinema argued more and more fiercely. They stood up and continued to argue. Perhaps the film triggered the most sensitive nerve in their relationship. Finally they left as they argued. I hoped the problem between them could be resolved at the end. Another time in Wuhan, we ran into a couple that proposed on the spot. Being able to witness their important moment, I was very touched and found it very memorable.

Each time with a film release, I would always long to see the audience response live. I have been in the first two rows, frequently turning around to sneak a peek at their response. The feeling of live reviews was very intense. If they looked at their phones without paying attention (no matter how bright the screens at the cinemas were, the light from the mobile phone screens reflected even brighter on it) it was like getting a low grade. All I would be was disillusioned. When someone was wiping away tears I would be very nervous as well and in a hurry to know their impression. After the show I also especially liked to get into the crowd and listen to their "post race review"; another "landmark" would be the bathroom. There I would receive many unexpected reviews that would be very "inspiring".


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