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Vivian Chow Wai Man yesterday attended an event for her film CAFE. WAITING. LOVE (DUT YUT GOR YUN GA FEI). Producer Giddens Ko also brought co-stars Sung Yu-Hua, Megan Lai and Bruce. They even used their symbol of love in the film Napa cabbage for ribbon cutting. Then they went to cinemas for audience appreciation events.

Giddens Ko said that he finally was able to fulfill his dream of working with goddess Vivian, but his "classmates" were more excited than him. He joked, "When I directed before, my friends only said great. Yet this time they were very envious of me, many people wanted autographs! One of them even said that if he could hug Vivian he could die, I felt he should cherish how valuable life was." Reporters said that he could take the chance to hug Vivian. He mischievously said, "I didn't, I cherish life too." Would his girlfriend be jealous of him working with goddess? He said that his girlfriend would be nervous. Because each time he got home he would share with her what happened at the production, his girlfriend would say that he had quite an impression of dating. Thus the next day he immediately brought her to visit the set. Vivian even revealed that his girlfriend truly visited the set and she met her.

Would Vivian hug Giddens Ko if the film performed well at the box office? She immediately joked that she had something better than a hug, because she completed the film song before letting Giddens Ko and others listen to it as she hoped to give them a surprise. "I really enjoy the look they had when they watched the music video. I haven't made a movie in three or four years. Before then it was 1997. Thus this time I felt like a stranger, trying to find the passion, anticipation and curiosity from when I was a film new comer! Gei Jai (Leo Ku Kui Ke) even gave his all to write this song for me, then he rushed off to his wedding. He did me quite a favor."

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