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The film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI)'s director Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui with leads Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Chrissie Chau sau Na have gone to many cinemas in Hong Kong for audience appreciation events. Two nights ago their final stop was their 100th stop. Brother Tan even brought Chin Kar Lok who got the most laughs in the film and music creative master Chan Kwong Wing for a surprise attack of the cinema. Brother Tan even pointed out that Sister Na changed the script and revealed that Ekin cheated to sing the film song.

Brother Tan earlier led the actors all over the Mainland for promotions and audience appreciation events. Lately they finally returned to Hong Kong to continue to thank the audience. They not only gave away the film original soundtrack's poster but also discussed the story and the ending with the audience. Ekin even did a survey. The actors and the audience had their own ideas about whether the leads should get back together. Even foreign viewers joined the discussion. Two nights ago during the audience appreciation event, Brother Tan and Ekin revealed that Sister Na changed the film ending with just one comment. Ekin said that that when they shot the ending, originally only he was crossing the road alone while Sister Na stood still. Yet as they were preparing, Sister Na sentimentally mumbled to herself that this was very sad. When Ekin heard he immediately spoke with Brother Tan. Brother Tan in order to keep from wasting time to argue with them did another take according to their idea. Brother Tan thanked them for their passion for the film, which brought the stroke of genius ending.

Two nights ago Brother Tan even dragged Chin Kar Lok and Chan Kwong Wing to surprise the audience. Kar Lok joked, "For Brother Tan I gave up my first audience appreciation at the cinema in over 20 years. In the film it was also the first time I had a romance, not to mention an affair. Everyone knows that in real life that would be impossible for me." The crowd cracked up. He even jokingly hoped that in the sequel he and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi would have a legitimate relationship. Ekin revealed that the original soundtrack had a song that did not appear in the film, his Cantonese song USED TO IT. Brother Tan revealed, "To keep from confusing the audience, I deliberately prohibited the lead actor from singing the theme song. Yet after the shoot Ekin told me that he wanted to sing a song that continued the feeling. I ignored him, so he went to Chan Kwong Wing and used the lead actor perspective to write a song with the tub thinking score in the film. When I heard it I thought it had quite a feel and permitted him to put it in the soundtrack." Ekin said, "Many people ask me if we get back together in the end. The answer is in this song."

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