Sunday, August 24, 2014


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Dior Cheng Yi Kin and C AllStar yesterday attended a BREAK UP 100 (SAU FUN 100 CHI) Original Soundtrack autograph and performance session at a Mongkok cinema. Not only was Ekin's USED TO IT music video shown, Ekin and C AllStar performed live as well. Later they also played games with the audience. A Mainland student who came to study in Hong Kong revealed that she wanted to become a reporter. Ekin encouraged her to go for it. All on hand yesterday were director Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and record producer Chan Kwong Wing. After the event, everyone posed for a group photo with the audience.

As for encouraging a female fan, Ekin said, "This is her wish, just like when I started in the business I had a dream too. Yet at the time no one encouraged me, instead some objected to me joining the business. I only said go for it." He also said that normally when he saw some new reporters he would suggest to them how to ask questions for good results. Ekin said, "I feel some things have to be passed on, but show business now, especially on television, a lot have already been lost. Like without the wooden man alley of the past, a lot of basic knowledge have been lost. Thus the quality has also declined."

Ekin also planned to open a cafe with Chau Sau Na and Cheng Tan Shui, but they still have not been able to find a location. He said, "We want to buy a spot before starting the business because we don't want rising rents to affect us. Yet real estate is very expensive now. In addition I have to prepare for my concert. So I plan to look more after the show."

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