Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Carlos Chan gives a painful expression when he unknowingly touches his wound
Carlos Chan practices during his break too
Choi Si-Won has a 4 inch scar on his arm 
Choi Si-Won (left) accelerates with other test takers
Shawn Dou pours his water bottle on himself to cool down
courtesy of on.cc

Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Choi Si-Won, Eddie Peng Yu-Yen and Shawn Dou Xiao earlier completed the Taiwan shoot of their film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG). The team returned to Hong Kong to continue the shoot. Ka Lok rapidly returned to work after only 10 days of rest post surgery. Earlier the team gathered at Central for a group shoot. Although the doctor has urged Ka Lok to avoid group shoots with other cyclists to keep from making his injury worse, Ka Lok did not want to hinder the team and personally worked on the finish line scene. He also tried to avoid contact with other cyclists. After returning to work Ka Lok showed his potential. During his break he still got on a his bicycle for additional "practice".

Ka Lok worked on another scene with a white tank top. He showed his injury to the crew. The crew also helped him with his tight cyclist uniform. Ka Lok appeared in pain perhaps from contact with his injury. Dou Xiao meanwhile was covered in sweat. After three bad takes he poured his water bottle on himself to lower his temperature.

Choi Si-Won and Eddie chatted during their breaks. Later Si-Won even talked on the phone as he walked, unknowingly showing off his almost 4 inch scar on his right arm. The film had many cycling scenes. Some locations even asked for cycling track qualification before they could step foot on the track. After Eddie and Dou Xiao both passed, Si-Won earlier also completed an entire day of the shoot.

With managers and the crew they appeared in the Tseung Kwan O indoor Hong Kong Velodrome. After the passer explained the test content Si-Won and other candidates entered the testing venue. Si-Won put on cyclist gear and anti reflective glasses and no one recognized him as a star. In addition he silently focused on warming up, soon he got on the track to practice. Earlier during the official test, Si-Won kept accelerating to complete several laps. The noise from the nearby badminton courts did not distract him. Later he even left with a smile and waved to reporters.

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