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With both Nick Cheung and Fat Gor on their knees, Carina Lau is somewhat caught off guard
Fat Gor and Fat Soh
Samantha Ko claims that this is her film costume
Wang Zizi's tattoo gets attention
Candy Chang
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Chow Yun Fat surprises Nick Cheung when he kneels and Nick Cheung cannot wait to return the favor
Nick Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, Carina Lau, Shawn Yue
Fat Gor, Nick Cheung and Shawn Yue can play and talk
Fat Soh shows her support
Fat Gor bows to Carina Lau and asks her to never retire
Samantha Ko
Kimmy Tong and Michelle Hu
With the success of FROM VEGAS TO MACAU, Yu Dong again schedules the production start ceremony to take part at Television City
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The film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) was a big hit last year, thus director Wong Jing and producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung decided to follow up and make a sequel this year. They brought back Chow Yun Fat to lead Carina Lau Ka Ling, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok and Kimmy Tong Fei. Yesterday they held a press conference and a worship ceremony at Television City. Fat Gor even mischievously bowed to Ka Fai on the stage to make him his "physical ability master"!

Fat Gor and Ka Ling earlier began production in Thailand. Fat Gor thanked the two directors for asking him to be in the sequel. Last year when he made the first film his health got much better. This year when they asked him again he was even healthier. After watching the Ka Fai starred UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), he asked Wong Jing to add a Muay Thai kickboxing scene and even spent 4 months to get into shape. Unfortunately in the end he was unable to achieve Ka Fai's explosive muscle results. He said, "I seem to be underdeveloped. Ka Fai also gave me a lot of guidance, he is my master. I am like (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen, but without his body." Fat Gor immediately knelt in front of Ka Fai and joked that he wanted the master to accept his disciple's salute. Ka Fai repeatedly said in fright, "I can't" as he knelt with Fat Gor. How did working with Fat Gor feel? Ka Fai joked, "When I ran into Fat Gor on the street before and got a photo together, I put the photo at the head of my bed and my abilities greatly increased. This time working together on a film I felt like have mastered some secret kung fu and got even stronger." Fat Gor then revealed that Ka Fai was unwilling to hit him on his forehead. Ka Fai immediately explained, "Why would I dare! You want me to hit Hong Kong's Chow Yun Fat!"

As for Ka Fai she said that working with Fat Gor was something that she dreamed of. She would often meet with Ka Fai, but she has not seen Fat Gor in a very long time. The last time they worked together was over 20 years ago, this time she felt that Fat Gor was even younger than before. Fat Gor said that this time he lost another 30 pounds completely because he wanted the audience to feel that he was compatible with Ka Ling. He revealed, "The director very thoughtfully bought an over HK$2,000 bottle of champagne to put on a very romantic beach. In the end Ka Ling drank the entire bottle and I didn't touch a drop. However I thank her very much for never retiring. Many partners have retired for environmental protection and parenthood. I still rely on her to play a young actor for another decade!" Shawn Yue Man Lok said that when he worked with Fat Gor he was shaking so much that he did not dare to speak. He joked that he needed to put Fat Gor and Ka Fai's photo at the head of his bed to become more powerful. He also kicked up and said that under Lau Wai Keung's leadership the production went very smoothly. Ka Fai poked fun and said, "You only worked for several days, do you think you know a lot?" Fat Gor also chimed in, "Did you work on a lot of the film?" Lok Jai immediately rushed to explain.

In the film Ka Ling would kiss Fat Gor three times. Fat Gor joked, "The first kiss was warmly romantic, the second kiss was bitter and no more should be said about the third kiss, however they were all great." Ka Ling screamed that three kisses were not enough. They could celebrate with a kiss when the film becomes a box office hit. Fat Gor said, "I would kiss her whether the box office is good or not, it's very rare to have a female star who doesn't retire." He continued that only 1/3 of the film was shot in Thailand, later they will shoot in Hong Kong and Macau. He will even have a fight scene with Ka Ling on an air bus. Thus he will invite Ka Ling and friends to hike together for "practice". Ka Ling said, "When he hikes he goes for four hours, normally I wouldn't even walk for that long. At most I would bring two bananas, he would have to hold my water for me. I would ask Mr. Leung (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) if he would be interested." Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Candy Chang Wai Man, Jacky Cai Jie and Wang Zizi all dressed provocatively for their appearance. Ko Ling pointed out that she did not dare to steal Ka Ling's spotlight. Yet they both wore red. Ko Ling was worried that people would mistake her for wanting to compete with Sister Ka Ling. She clarified that it was her film costume. Playing Ka Ling's subordinate in the film, she revealed that because she had to assassinate Fat Gor she would have a lot of action scenes. However she would take the full precaution against wardrobe malfunction. She also praised Fat Gor for being friendly. Her mother was a Fat Gor fan, if she would have the chance she would bring her mother to visit the set and "collect stamp". Chang Wai Man revealed that her father provided Fat Gor's voice in A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOON SIK). After Fat Gor found out he asked her to send his regards to her father. She praised Fat Gor for his loyalty. Wang Zizi's tattoo on her chest was done for the film because Fat Gor has been her idol since she was a child.

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