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Nicholas Tse attentively removes his jacket to keep GaoYuanyuan warm
Gao Yuanyuan calls Nicholas Tse innocent and naive
Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan work on a rain scene in two degree Celsius temperature
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When Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan worked on BUT ALWAYS (YUT SUN YUT SAI) in Beijing last November, Ting Fung braved two degree Celsius temperature to work on a rain scene. In this scene the leads were taking a walk when rain came. Ting Fung removed his jacket to try to block the rain for Yuanyuan and put it on her, while he was awkwardly drenched. Yuanyuan said, "This rain scene actually was shot a few days after the start of production. That day was already very cold, the entire crew wore down jackets. During the shoot Ting Fung for realism got himself wet before jumping back into the shot. Seeing what he did, I thought this actor was truly too professional."

The team worried that Ting Fung would catch the flu and prepared a lot of ginger tea and heating pads for him to fend off the chill. He however turned them all down. Director Zou Xian explained, "We just kept shooting. Ting Fung was obviously not in the shot, and the other actor played a very minor character. Yet as long as Ting Fung was around, he would run over to help as his line of sight outside the shot."

Ting Fung said that when he just started in the business, many big brothers and elders helped to be his line of sight. He said that he did not want to see any actor to act with a fist or a sandbag. Yuanyuan pointed out that she used to think that Ting Fung was very cool, but the real him was not only professional but also had no star arrogance. She said, "I feel Ting Fung still has a lot of potential. When we worked on this rain scene, I thought he was very cute. He was like a 20 something guy who would get shy in front of a girl. His eyes radiated a type of innocent, a very naive feeling. I feel that is a professional actor's quality. He knows how to use his body language to interpret his character, I feel he is very successful."

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