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Shawn Dou asks Wang Luodan out while Eddie Peng is sleeping
Shawn Dou and Eddie Peng are not only cycling but also romantic rivals
Director Dante Lam studies the script with his actors
Carlos Chan gives a thumbs up online
Carlos Chan
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Emperor artist Carlos Chan Ka Lok while working on the Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) in Taichung had an accident, was hospitalized and operated on. Currently he is still at the hospital. The film yesterday continued its shoot as usual in Taichung. Mainland actors Shawn Dou Xiao and Wang Luodan worked on a dramatic scene at a soy milk shop. Dou Xiao said, "In the film (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen and I are romantic rivals. I secretly asked Wang Luodan out to breakfast while he was sleeping. My character didn't know how to tell jokes and thus had to read about how to win over a girl. Peng Yu-Yen and I will even use different tricks to get the girl."

Has Dou Xiao fought a guy for a girl? He joked, "I often don't have too much of a challenge, usually I win. (Do you have any trick to get the girl?) Girls take the initiative and come to me. I am more than self confident, but I am just joking."

Dou Xiao said that in real life he had no trick to win over a girl. He felt that as long as he found a suitable mate, the girl would not need to be win over. Was he someone romantic who sent flowers? He said, "I wouldn't waste the flowers. Earlier I found out that a girl really liked roses, I folded ten origami roses for her. She was very happy to receive them."

Chan Ka Lok's manager revealed that he was resting at the hospital and his condition was OK. However he still has not been released yet. Chan Ka Lok revealed online, "This accident truly is sad, like wasting all my efforts over half a year. However at the same time I also deeply sense that the world is unexpected and I have to properly cherish every opportunity. I believe everything is a test that the Lord has arranged for me. The best will be waiting for me ahead. I will work hard on recovering as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for all your concern, especially the boss, the director, the producer, the media, fans and all my co-workers for their support. An even stronger Chan Ka Lok will definitely appear." He also posted a thumbs up photo.

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