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Reporters surround Ko Chen-Tung upon his Taiwan arrival
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Ko Chen-Tung calls Jaycee Chan kind and they will remain friends
Angie Chai and Ko Chen-Tung
The Taipei press conference
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Ko Chen-Tung was under administrative detention for 14 days for the suspicion of drug use in Beijing. Two days ago after his release he immediately held a press conference to apologize with his parents and manager Angie Chai. They arrived in Taiwan early in the morning on a red eye flight. Yesterday afternoon he held another press conference in Taipei, but this time his parents did not accompany him. Only his manager did. He again publicly apologized for the incident and said that he has made a wrong example, frequently saying, "I am very sorry". However he did not cry again.

Yesterday the Taipei press conference took place, over 100 media outlets covered the event. However the scale was smaller than the Beijing press conference. The atmosphere was more relaxed. Ko Chen-Tung appeared in white as he did the day before, but he was more emotionally stable. He no longer sobbed, but he still did not dare to directly look at the media. Angie Chai choked up as soon as she began with an apology to the media for her poor handling.

Ko Chen-Tung solemnly said, "Friends in the media how are you. Since the incident started, thank you for all your effort and concern. I must clearly state again that I am very sorry and apologetic. I have become the worst example for many people. From the incident to today, from Beijing to back home in Taipei, during this period I have been very in a panic and lost. Over the past few days with family and friends' encourage, I knew that I have made a very severe mistake. I must reform and start over. I am very sorry for making everyone very worried and concerned over this period, I have to say sorry to everyone who know me. I have been a very negative role model for you. I have also disappointed many people, disappointing and making things difficult for people around me, Sister Chai, family and co-workers. I am very sorry, I must correct my own mistakes, start over, properly, to make myself better and better. Sorry, I am very sorry, thank you everyone."

When asked about his current relationship with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Ko Chen-Tung said that Cho Ming was a very kind person. He has always taken care of him. He said, "He also has given me a lot of positive energy. Perhaps we both have made mistakes, but I believe he is a good person." He even said that they would still be good friends after reforming. As for his breakdown in Beijing being called good acting, he said, "As soon as I was released I had an apology press conference within 24 hours. I was very nervous, I didn't know how to face this incident. While inside I didn't know anything about the outside, so when I had to go out and apologize, I no longer had any way to control my emotions because I no longer had to any way to imagine it. My mistake has made such a big impact, I was very sadden, very sorry, I had no need to play this scene."

After his release, he said that he did not thought much about it. As for disappointing his fans, he said that now he has not thought about wanting people to like Ko Chen-Tung. He only wanted to make himself better and better. He said, "I beg them not to follow from my negative behavior. I hope to deliver a positive message. I am very sorry." Speaking of his drug addiction of over two years, he stressed that he first came in contact with drugs two years ago. He did not use over two years as said. He also did not have any addiction. In Taiwan no such incident has taken place. As for why he would touch drugs, he stressed that at the time he did not have any pressure and poor emotions, it was just a stupid choice.

As for holding two apology press conference, Angie Chai said that they hoped for face to face explanation through the press conference. She also denied making a draft for the Beijing press conference. What Ko Chen-Tung said completely came from his heart. She also said that she has not received any news that Ko Chen-Tung would not be able to go to the Mainland for two years. For now no advertiser has asked for compensation from Ko Chen-Tung and his management company. Although several advertisers have halted his work temporarily, most were willing to get over the hard times with him. As for Ko Chen-Tung's films none has been kept from release so far because they were everyone's work. In addition, the Taipei District Prosecutor Office has already asked the Policed to send him a summons for him to explain at the police station on September 1st.

Aside from Beijing and Taipei apology press conferences, Ko Chen-Tung last night conducted an online apology "tour" on Weibo, Facebook and IG. The Weibo reaction was the most enthusiastic. Although he only wrote "Sorry everyone, I definitely will be even better", every soon over 400 million people have posted messages. Most were encouraging words.

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