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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended a promotion for their film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG). Tomorrow will be Sammi's birthday. She said that she did not need her boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On to give her any surprise. Turning 42 she even said that she and On Jai have an understanding that they would not have a child. Instead she felt that adopting an orphan in the future would be even greater.

Sammi said that today she will head to Beijing to promote the film, so for now she did not know whether she will make it back to Hong Kong for her birthday. She said that On Jai would not go to Beijing with her. Would she like to receive a birthday surprise? She said that she did not need one, getting along well normally was enough. Turning 42 has Sammi been urged to have a baby? She said, "I am not going to! I am very certain. Because each person's choice is different. The ones who do have their happiness, many Mamas are very happy. Not having one is a choice. I clearly know that what is my personality suitable for and what isn't." In addition she felt that she was not the one in charge, the Lord was. However she and On Jai have an understanding.

As for an accidental pregnancy, she went "wow" but did not directly reply. She only said that taking care of a child required heart and strength, the world now is not as simple as before, lacks resources, food and air quality are poor. She said, "Perhaps after a few years I will adopt. Instead of having one, I might as well adopt children no one wants. That type of love is even greater." She pointed out that both Angie Cheong Wei Yee and Irene Wan Bik Ha were able to and she was very touched. Because in the conservative world, adoption would receive looks and criticism from the outside.

Cheung Ka Fai said that this time when working with Sammi on a romantic film he truly had the impression of a romance. He hoped to have a chance to work with her on a thriller romance, because during this shoot he felt that it would have been good to have a few car chases. A thriller romance would be able to fulfill both wishes. How would he celebrate Sammi's birthday? He said that originally he planned to take her to dinner, but he knew that she was working hard on her concert rehearsal and diet. He joked, "Perhaps she doesn't eat but still sits by my side, like I did take her to dinner." He also praised Sammi for how hard working she was and how orderly her life was.

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