Sunday, August 17, 2014


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Otto Chan, Li Zichen, Eddie Cheung give away promotional items in Mongkok
Li Zichen, Eddie Cheung
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The new film TWILIGHT ONLINE (HUNG BO JOI SIN)'s actors Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Li Zichen and Otto Chan Chi Kin yesterday attended an audience appreciation event at a Mongkok cinema and even gave away fans to pedestrians. When was the last time he went to Mongkok? Brother Fai said, "At least over a decade, it really has too many people. When I am making a movie I would come, normally I wouldn't dare." Pretty girl Li Zichen was not worried about being taken advantage of because she was under Brother Fai's protection.

As for the audience reaction, Brother Fai said that the two advanced screenings were already sold out. Some fans could not get tickets. Later he would continue the audience appreciation events to thank his fans. Li Zichen revealed that she was still shaken from scenes in the film. "I was the most afraid in bathrooms and hallways, because the set was too realistic I really needed someone else to take me home."

As for work, Brother Fai said that he will head to Shanghai for a series. TVB has also contacted him, but they would have coordinate with his schedule, script and role.

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