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Kenny Bee's guests include his fellow Wynners, Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Nick Cheung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Alex To, Berg Ng, Louis Tan, Shum Ka Wai and his wife Chingmy Yau
Aimee Sun, Fan Keung, Elva Hsiao, Janet Yang, Cheryl Yang
Rosamund Kwan is the first guest to be moved to tears
Kenny Bee gives away laisees and shows off his ring
The hotel celebrated with a minute long firework show
Some reporters were taken to the local police station
Security was also posted at the side roads
Before the groom appeared, security was already wielding a bat
Wedding candy
Kenny Bee expresses his love with calligraphy of a verse from one of his Mandarin songs

Elva Hsiao and her boyfriend Elroy enjoy Bali
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Kenny Bee and Fan Keung wed after 17 years together
The star guests hums a song as Kenny Bee appears
Rosamund Kwan, Fan Keung
Eric Tsang and Kenny Bee trades verbal jabs to cheer up the party
Alan Tam says the wedding is very touching
Everyone is dressed in white
Kenny Bee excitedly shows off his wedding ring
Strict security for the wedding
Kenny Bee says that this is a wedding for his entire family
Kenny Bee apologizes to the media after the hotel contacts the police to remove reporters
Kenny Bee gives away HK$1000 laisee and wedding candy
Tony Leung Ka Fai (back)'s daughters Chloe (left), Nikkie (right) and Anna Ueyama's daughter Hilary (center)
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Rosamund Kwan, Niki Chow, Maggie Cheung, Fan Keung and Kathy Chow at the Welcome Party
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Eric Tsang, Alex To, Show Luo, Kenny Bee
The welcome party venue is filled with joy
Ah B's honeymoon suit is romantically decorated

Artist Yuen Tai Yung made this caricature card
Chung Kwok, Shum Sun
Kong Ka Nin, her husband Tony Leung Ka Fai, daughter Nikkie and Chingmy Yau's daughter Shum Yuet
Kenny Bee orders special tea pots as gifts for the guests
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Kenny Bee's daughter Chung Kwok and Chingmy Yau's daughter Shum Sun steal the spotlight
Birthday girl Elva Hsiao and Show Luo take time from their busy schedules to attend

Kenny Bee's oldest son Chung Ka Chun (left), youngest daughter Chung Kwok (second left), second daughter Chung Yi  (third right) and first daughter Chung Ka Ching (right)
Chingmy Yau, her husband Shum Ka Wai, Fan Keung and Cecilia Yip
Jacky Cheung and Nick Cheung head to Bali for the wedding
Kenny Bee also celebrated Elva Hsiao's birthday yesterday
Kenny Bee participates in the fire dance
Indonesia airport police prohibits the press from taking photos at the airport lobby 
Guests signed the Kenny Bee's family of six caricature card 
Tony Leung Ka Fai and his daughter Nikkie take the Ice Bucket Challenge
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The 61st year old Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) and girlfriend Fan Keung So Ching yesterday held a wedding at a six star hotel in Bali. Ah B held Fan Keung's hand as they walked down the aisle together. Gusts all broke mobile phones and photography equipment to capture the important moment of the new couple's wedding. One of the witnesses Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam got choked up during her speech, creating a chain reaction with Ah B, Fan Keung and the guests. Everyone were so moved that they all started crying.

After the couple said "I do", the bride could not stop smiling. All the guests cheered and sent their congratulations. Then they and along with oldest son Chung Ka Chun, Chung Ka Ching, Chung Yi and Chung Kwok posed for a family of six photo. Fan Keung described her emotions as "super touched". Ah B thanked family and friends who came the long trip to congratulate them. Around 4PM Ah B stepped out of the hotel and gave away laisee to the media. Finally giving Fan Keung an official title, he said that his wife was in charge of the wedding. Originally he just wanted to take some photos, in the end they might as well organize a party.

Yesterday some reporters went to the outer perimeter of the hotel in an attempt to look into the wedding venue, but hotel security called the police and took them back to the police station. Ah B said that before he and the hotel signed a confidentiality agreement, the authorities might have been overly cautious. He said that the wedding was a happy event and hoped that everyone would be happy. He and his wife sincerely apologized to their media friends. Ah B also showed off his wedding ring and said that it was worth HK$68 million. He asked if the reporters believed him. Then he also said it was an Indonesian shield. He revealed that at the end of the year he will organize another wedding banquet in Hong Kong, then he rode the golf cart back to the hotel.

In addition, Ah B and a group of friends accepted spoke to electronic media. Eric Tsang Chi Wai first praised Ah B's big day for being very touching. He even revealed, "The rarest witness was Alan (Tam), but everything he said was wrong! I have never been to a wedding when as soon as the groom and the bride appeared everyone was already crying!" Ah B joked that it might have been the music. He sentimentally said, "This time wasn't just a wedding for us two, but for the entire family and clan! For example my daughter designed my wife's veil. Actually this wedding came from my daughter Chung Yi saying that her classmate all had their parents' wedding photos at their homes but she didn't. So we thought about it, then slowly planned it. Actually it was a very happy event, so I truly am very grateful. I am very grateful for all the friends who came to spend several days together. I truly am very happy."

Chi Wai also said that Nick Cheung Kai started a blessing per person for Ah B, which almost made him cry even worse. Ka Fai boasted that his blessing was both smart and simple. "I wish B Gor Gor and B Jeh Jeh's love to endure until Earth is destroyed!" Another witness of this wedding Alan clarified that he did not make any mistake. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau joked that it was because Alan spoke Putonghua! This wedding also had neither a groom nor a bride party. Instead it had many "star second generation" because the couple wanted to friendship of the adults to continue to the next generation; last night the couple again held a banquet at the hotel for the guests and brought a perfect end to the wedding.

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