Friday, August 15, 2014


Kevin Cheng earlier received a birthday cake from Little Bin on the set of PUN KUNG FU BA BA
Raymond Chow sends a blow up doll photo to Kevin Cheng for his birthday
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Kevin Cheng Ka Wing yesterday turned 45. Two days ago when he worked on the film PUN KUNG FU BA BA (POOR RICH PAPA) he first received a birthday cake from Benny (Little Bin) who played his son. Yesterday Cheng Ka Wing's buddy Raymond Cho Wing Lim posted a photo of a Japanese blow up doll to wish him Happy Birthday. Cheng Ka Wing accepted his well wished and told Ah Lim to save it for himself.

Cho Wing Lim posted, "Brother, Happy Birthday! I wish you to continue to have good things, and bad friends would automatically go far away from you, getting stronger everyday, your wallet getting fatter everyday, barrels and barrels of girlfriends without you getting dizzy! I ordered a doll for your birthday, but it hasn't arrived yet. Check out the photo first!"

Nancy Wu Ting Yan chimed in with her birthday well wishes and even asked Ah Lim for Ka Wing would prefer the "Western style"? Ah Lim replied, "For awhile, he would have wanted even an Africa one!" He was obviously making fun of how dry his brother's love life has been. Edwin Siu Ching Nam joked that last week Ah Lim already received the blow up doll. Finally Cheng Ka Wing thanked his friends for the funny well wishes and at the same time said he received them, but he did not need the doll. He asked Cho Wing Lim to save it for his own use.

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