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The film TRUMIPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) earlier shot at a table tennis shop on Second Street in Sai Ying Pun. Playing a rock singer in the film, Sammi's "Rock Star" look was unveiled for the first time. Her forearm had a tattoo, one of which was a music player logo. It matched the character's personality very well.

Sammi also posted the tattoo photo online. "In order to create the film character 100%, 'tattoo' has become a part of the character. Although the tattoo was not as large as tattoo star Kat Von D (mi's other goddess), mi felt it was very fresh and fun. Yet if it was a permanent tattoo, mi would not be too sure because 'permanent things' should not be taken lightly." When Sammi saw the reporters outside, she cooperated and stood still for reporters to take photos.

August 19 will be Sammi's 42nd birthday, in the past she would celebrate with her boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On overseas. This year she has to work on TRIUMPH and prepare for her December concert. She could only celebrate it in Hong Kong.

Earlier 8 of Sammi's fans waited for her at work. When she left she chatted with fans and had a lot of fun. Fans even presented gifts and birthday bun to her when she entered her vehicle, and Sammi was all smiles. As her vehicle left Sammi even kept waving farewell to her fans. She also did not forget to wave the reporters on the other side of the vehicle. She even put her hands together to show appreciation to reporters who waited until late into the night.

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