Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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The film THE SEVENTH LIE (DAI 7 FONG YIN) yesterday held its premiere at the Summer International Film Festival. Actors Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Law Ching Him and Philip Keung Ho Man and others attended. TVB supposedly is plagiarizing Cheng Chung Kei's film about Cheung Po Jai. He said, "It really is quite an coincidence, I can only think that people would only copy something good! Luckily our production hasn't been affected. We are planning for a release in the summer next year. We are afraid of comparison."

Law Chung Him said that in the film he played a villain, a sloppy looking killer. The film won the 2014 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Best Foreign Feature and the 2014 Barcelona International Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Film. He said that it was his first award winning film and he was very happy. Josie Ho Chiu Yi wore a medical mask and said that she had the flu, but her work has not been affected. She said, "This time I only have one night of work, I am happy that I can share the spotlight. This film even won two awards, and I got to work with Cheng Chung Kei for the first time."

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