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In the film BUT ALWAYS (YUT SUN YUT SAI), Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan's bed scene became the focus. In the film they ran into each other again in New York. Although they have been apart for years, their passion took off like a rocket. During the shoot they were topless and only had a blank to cover themselves. Ting Fung held Yuanyuan from the side. Ting Fung who rarely had bed scenes said, "We were the most afraid that it would have no sense of beauty at all. If we did it for selling point, a gimmick, we wouldn't trust each other. Luckily we trusted each other only a few days into the shoot, so we were able to shoot it without much reservation. In addition on camera it would feel very pretty."

Although this was the second passion scene in the film, Yuanyuan was still a little shy. Mainly she still was not certain how she would make this scene, because it was very hard to describe with words. She said, "This was the furthest I have gone for a movie. Actually the furthest I could accept was baring shoulders. That was my bottom line." When asked if she had to give any advanced notice when she made this passion scene, she said that everyone were professional actors and they were very certain about each other's work status. She did not have much to worry about or consider; the most important was for the result to be pretty and acceptable for the audience.

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