Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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After being turned away at the detention house, Jackie Chan meets with friends to discuss the next steps
Jackie Chan admits to being a poor father and apologizes on behalf of his son
Jaycee Chan has no way to wrap up Chen Kaige's MONK
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Ko Chen-Tung and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) on the 14th were arrested at a foot bath shop on drug charges. Public Security even seized over 100 grams of marijuana from Cho Ming's home. Finally he was held on "criminal detention". When Cho Ming got into trouble, Jackie Chan was promoting a film in London, England. When he heard the news he dropped everything to fly to Beijing and applied for visitation of Cho Ming with his lawyers to the authority. However according to Mainland investigation procedures, before the official trial the authority could decline family visitation. Even Jackie Chan was no exception. So far he still has not seen his son yet.

After being turned away at the detention house, Jackie Chan was caught discussing how to save Cho Ming. Jackie Chan propped his head up and looked sorrowful and slightly thinner. Since Cho Ming's drug troubles arose, Jackie Chan has refused to take any call and only occasionally sent text messages to friends to stay in touch. Around 7PM he finally broke his silent on Weibo. He blamed himself for his son's mistake. "First, thank you to all the friends for your concern. When my son Fong Cho Ming did something like this, I am very enraged and very surprised. As a public figure I am very ashamed. As a father my heart aches. His mother in particular is heartbroken! I hope young people would learn a lesson from Cho Ming and stay away from the dangers of drugs. Here, I want to say to Cho Ming: when you make a mistake, you have to accept the consequences. As your father, I am willing to face the road in the future with you. In the end, I have been a poor father and also have to take responsibility. I also deeply bow in apology on behalf of Cho Ming to the community and the general public. Thank you everyone!"

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