Monday, December 4, 2017


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Ellen Chan Nga Lun and Andy Hui Chi On earlier went to Shenzhen to work on the Wilson Chin Kwok Wai produced film DIN GAING UM JIN (ELECTRONIC COMPETITION SECRET WAR). Chan Nga Lun said, "On Jai and I both started with New Talent and Capital Artists. When we were younger we even went to perform in Australia together and saw snow. (William) So Wing Hong is also a very close friend. So this collaboration has truly been very pleasant! Everyday at work has been a joy, even when we worked for 20 hours we were fine."

Chan Nga Lun in the film played a woman who was stronger than she appeared and had split personality. Sometimes she was a cold beauty and other times she was more masculine. She rather liked this character and even picked out her costumes. "I really want to thank my designer friend Carrie for loaning me her brand and tailoring the costumes for me. They are really pretty!"

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