Tuesday, December 5, 2017


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Philip Keung Ho Man and Kara Wai Ying Hung starred in the film CHUI SI (TRACY), which earlier officially began production. Other actors included Ng Siu Hin, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Aaron Chow Chi Kwan. The film would be about transgender "Tracy" from self discovery to officially changing from male to female mentally and physically. The always masculine Hak Jai would play "Tracy", which o him was undoubtedly an extreme challenge. Hak Jai said, "This time in the film I play a couple with Wai Ying Hung, of course I am excited. This absolutely is one of the biggest challenges and breakthrough in my film career. I did all the homework before hand. For this character I made full preparations physically and psychologically. I have to overcome some mental blocks!"

Wai Yin Hung knew that the schedule was tight so after winning the Golden Horse Award she still returned to Hong Kong to work. The team also arranged for a surprise for Sister Hung. Before the officially production start the producer and the director presented her with flowers and a card to congratulate her on being the fresh out of oven Golden Horse Best Actress, which made Sister Hung very happy. Sister Hung admitted, "This is a very heartwarming team, I am very happy to have this surprise."

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