Sunday, December 31, 2017


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Best Actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun earlier went to England to work on a series. After returning to Hong Kong he immediately jumped into the new film production LUN LOK YUN (FALLEN PEOPLE). Earlier he and Sam Lee Chan Sam worked on location at a Oi Man Estate park. He played a stroke patient and sat in a wheelchair for the entire shoot.

Chau Sun was in short sleeves and worked on a chat scene with Lee Chan Sam. The temperature was only 13 or 14 degrees Celsius. In a wheelchair Chau Sun was shivering from the cold as he often covered his chest with his arms and rubbed them to keep warm. After over a hour he rushed into a big coat to keep warm.

Later Chau Sun and Lee Chan Sam worked on a chess scene. He and the crew studied the script and watched playback. His nose was running and he needed tissue. Chau Sun said that although it was cold, he was still able to take it. Lee Chan Sam said, "Earlier we shot a bathing scene with Chau Sun, that day was even colder."

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