Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Nick Cheung plays another tragic character
The addition of Karena Lam to the team is something to look forward to
Sean Lau likes his character because he is a jerk
Alan Mak and Felix Chong team up again
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In recent months Alan Mak Siu Fai is planning for his direction, the Felix Chong Man Keung produced Emperor Motion Picture LIM JING FUNG WON (ICAC STORM). The story began with an illegal cigarette trade. The "soul character" was a widow who lost his daughter. With nothing to lose he truly was a typical tragic character. When Director Mak created the character he already felt that it had to be Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Reportedly Ka Fai considered the script after getting the script but finally Director Mak and the film company's sincerity moved him. With the potential of the character he signed the contract. He is getting ready for the role and would join the team after the Lunar New Year.

Ka Fai's "return" this time would be with Sean Lau Ching Wan. Karena Lam Ka Yung would join the fray as Ching Wan's wife. The couple was at a tug of war for their family or career. The new film will start production in March next year and plan to shoot on location in Australia. The entire film will take around 3 and a half months to shoot. The budget will be HK$ 100 million. Director Mak said, "It will be my first collaboration with both Ka Fai and Ka Yun, I hope to be able to set off more spark. I feel the entire matter will be a lot of fun. The funniest is after Ching Wan got the scrip he said to me, 'I like my character because he is quite a jerk!'"

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