Tuesday, December 19, 2017


courtesy of singtao.com
Jackie Chan designs a special stunt for the Sydney Opera House
Jackie Chan and Show Lo work together for the first time
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Jackie Chan produced and starred film BLEEDING STEEL with Show Lo (Law Chi Cheung) and Ouyang Nana will open in Hong Kong on December 28th. The film was shot in the Mainland, Taipei, and Sydney, Australia. The film had the most action in recent Jackie Chan films. His opponent was a zombie. All the weapons in the film were also elevated, the explosions, gun fights and car chases were all shot live. Over 50 real guns were on the set, as well as grenade launcher and a F16 fighter jet. The film was determined not to use special effect and return to Jackie Chan's super action.

In the past, Jackie Chan has shown off his skills on many landmarks. This time he was the first actor to be permitted to shoot a fight scene on top of the Sydney Opera House. When he learned that the Sydney Opera House agreed to the shoot on its rooftop, he felt that not designing a special stunt would be regrettable. Even if he had to jump off and slide down from the top he still would shoot it. During the shoot Jackie Chan faced a big challenge. Due to how narrow the roof was, he could not avoid injuries. Another difficulty was he did not dare to drink water as he wanted to avoid going to the bathroom, which would take at least half a hour to get to from the roof and hinder the shoot. Successfully conquering the Sydney Opera House to him was something to be proud of.

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