Tuesday, December 5, 2017


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Sophie Ngan Chin Man and Jim Ping Hei two nights ago attended the film HONG KONG MASTER's premiere. Ngan Chin Man said that she has not known Jim Ping Hei for long but they had quite a connection, so they considered becoming god siblings. They both had December birthdays and could celebrate together. Ngan Chin Man would often go to Jim Ping Hei's home for a free meal. His wife would even make soup for her. They have never worked together before, so Ngan Chin Man wanted to sing or act with Jim Ping Hei.

As for Christmas, Ngan Chin Man will go to Lhasa Tibet to attend a beauty salon event. She was concerned with high altitude disorder. Earlier Kiwi Yuen Kit Yee went there and said that she was short of breath. She would have a headache from a normal flight so she would be careful. Jim Ping Hei joked that he could give her a tank of oxygen, then at the official ceremony he would give her golden rice bowl. Yet he said that if she went to his home to eat again, she would be responsible for the dishes.

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