Saturday, December 23, 2017


Eason Chan jokes that he falls into director Vincent Kok's trap
Li Ronghao, Eason Chan
Eason Chan plays an "action star" and fights with Chris Collins
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Eason Chan Yik Shun and Li Ronghao starred, Vincent Kok Tak Siu directed film KEEP CALM AND BE A SUPERSTAR (NGOR DAI GUI SING) wll open January 18th next year. In it Eason played an international martial art superstar, director asked Chan Kwok Kwan and Chris Collins for master exchanges. For his first action film Eason handled many highly difficult stunts. He said, "In order to play this kung fu superstar character Yuen Paio well, before the shoot I accepted a hellish training in advanced. During the shoot not only close combat, mid air melee, explosions, diving off buildings followed one after another and everyday I had injuries big and small, I also had to handle highly difficult training and action shoots. After two months at the shoot I lost 20 pounds!" Playing a private detective Li Ronghao also personally performed his stunts and challenged a highly difficult chase scene. Despite a rib injury he still insisted on finishing the shoot before going to the hospital. His professionalism was admirable.

Aside from action fight scenes, Eason and Li Ronghao also had many funny scenes. In the latest film trailer, "superstar" Chan Yik Shun had to show off his kung fu background and look dominant, "undercover" Li Ronghao held a gun in a lively manner. Both were called online, "the most entertainment team of the year". Eason pointed out that this film was full of Hong Kong flavor. The New Year was a time to relax a little, and he hoped that everyone would go and have their fill of laughter.

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