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The Chen Kaige directed, Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung) starred film THE LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT not only had great word of mouth after its release but also performed the best among films of the period at the box office after making over 200 million RMB over two days. Director Chen Kaige had nothing but praise for Cheung Yung Yung's acting.

Cheung Yung Yung recently attended an event with Chen Kaige. She was grateful for Chen Kaige's attentive direction. "The director in the production was very strict, very demanding. He was so strict that every shot and expression he wanted was particularly detailed." Chen Kaige admitted, "Choosing Yung Yung to play Yang Guifei was a very risky choice, but her completion rate was really very high, very good." He also revealed that he put some thought into her original sound recording. Cheung Yung Yung also revealed that how happy she was to hear her own voice again. "The director adjusted the sound of every word and every sentence, he personally sounded it out for me so I could experience that feeling."

THE LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT was Cheung Yung Yung's first costume film. She said that years ago when she worked on Huang Xuan on another film, she joked that, "My first costume film would definitely be with the most bullish director". She never expected that she would truly give her costume debut to Chen Kaige.

Cheung Yung Yung also said that the director provided a lot of help. "He wanted Yang Guifei to be elegant and mysterious. Inside she had to have a very full feeling." Actually the role of Yang Guifei in the film was turbulent inside, but Director Kaige asked her to hold back her emotions as her performance must be "light as the clouds and the wind". Whenever she interpreted the emotions that the director wanted, she had to wait for Chen Kaige's "good take" announcement. She would hide in a corner and cry for his character's pitiful situation.

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