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To get into shape, Aarif Rahman not only has to keep working out but also gets nothing good to eat
Aarif Rahman feels the chance to work with Tsui Hark is rare.  He has to take it no matter how tough it is.
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Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) recently showed off his work out results online. He revealed that he already started training three years ago. In order to play the Tsui Hark film THE THOUSAND FACES OF DUNJIA (KEI MOON DUN GAP)'s constable character he spent six months. He said, "Of course the process was harsh, everyday I trained for an hour or two. Even when I am working on the movie I just keep training. The diet is very clean, I have to make the muscle very dry so the curves would show." Lee Chi Ting pointed out that he waited for a long time for a chance to work with Tsui Hark. With Yuen Wo Ping as the director it was a dream come true. In order to play a kung fu expert, no matter how hard the training was he had no problem.

Speaking of creating the song TSUI HARK I HAVE A QUESTION as a dedication and being made fun of as "making his feelings known" to Tsui Hark, he felt that Tsui Hark's classic films were beautiful memories and that was where the inspiration came from. In the film he had to make painful expressions, he held his breath until his eyes were filled with blood and veins were popping out of his forehead. He almost suffocated.

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