Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Shu Qi is also rumored to follow her husband Stephen Fung into directing
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The 41 year old Shu Qi just finished the film ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI and was immediately rumored to be pregnant. Two nights ago Shu Qi posted a photo of her cat on social media. "Wrap, farewell for now to my actor life. Thank you for your love. See you around." Her "farewell for now to my actor life" caused a stir and led to pregnancy speculation.

Yesterday Shu Qi responded to the media. "Actually I am just taking a break, I am not retiring. The film just wrapped up production. The doctor already warned me to rest. I couldn't keep making movies. Since my face has always been red and swollen, I have to work hard to treat this illness. Thank you for your concern! Please don't overthink it!" Shu Qi earlier posted a photo of her swollen face. Because she was still working on the film, she could only rely on the make up artist's magical hands to cover it up.

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