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Johnson Lee, Louisa So and  Ti Lung
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Tommy Tam (Ti Lung), Louisa So Yuk Wa and Johnson Lee Si Jit two nights ago attended their new film STAYCATION (YUT GA DAI SAI)'s advanced screening audience appreciation event. Ti Lung's wife Tao Man Ming also attended in support. Speaking of his wife, Brother Lung admitted that despite her back pain, she still saved all the pain killers for him.

Ti Lung said that the film did not have much time to shoot. It was the first time he worked with Yuen Qiu, the only "Seven Little Fortune" member he has not worked with. This time he completed the set. He also praised first time director Lee Si Jit for his great work, an "one size smaller (Michael) Hui Koon Man". He was very happy to be able to work with him.

Brother Lung said, "I haven't made (a Lunar New Year film) in a very long time. I used to play heroes in the movies, mostly serious and stiff. This time was much different from before, I had to let go to play a warm family film. I also had to paint my face and fight with Si Jit, which was a lot of fun. Even I laughed after watching, and I also felt very moved. (Are you used to going to the movies for audience appreciation?) It doesn't matter, you live, you learn."

Brother Lung pointed out that this year he made three movies, while working in the Mainland he had a heat stroke. Another film was shot in a distant town from Shanghai, Shitang. The temperature there was only zero degree (Celsius). It was an undeveloped fishing port. The town was simple but its people was very supportive of the film production. They also prepared good food for the team.

Will he make more movies next year? Brother Lung said, "I am 72, I leave it to fate. (Your son Shaun Tam Chun Yin would like you to retire and enjoy life?) I can't quit so easily, as long as I can work I would. I have to help the younger generations, I don't want any disconnect between them. (Never say quit?) You have to ask my wife Tao Man Ming. She is more famous than me in the Mainland. Everyone offers work to me through my wife. Now I get to work at different places, which can be like a vacation for me." He also said that earlier his wife hurt her back while pulling luggage. He has always had back pain, but his wife would rather not take the pain killer for seven days and save them for him. He was very touched.

Lee Si Jit said that he saw the good response of the advanced screening. Male viewers cried easier than female viewers, perhaps because the film was about father and son relationship. He also said that he has always loved to watch warm family film. He plans to direct again, perhaps with the original team overseas. Did he ask Louis Yuen Siu Cheung and Wong Cho Lam to support his new film? "I did, I already told them to come to the premiere next month."

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