Thursday, November 2, 2017


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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed action epic MANHUNT two days ago held a song release event in the Mainland. Lead actor Zhang Hanyu even sang SONG OF MORIOKA. The song had no lyrics. With the Ken Takakura starred Japanese version's music, Hanyu hummed along and hoped to be able to salute his idol Ken Takakura.

Although the entire song had no lyrics, Hanyu was able to inject very deep emotions. "This song is about a man's lonely run. Because it has no lyrics, the song instead is more able to emotionally move everyone and had no geographical restriction." Having watched the Japanese version of MANHUNT over 30 times, Hanyu had no difficulty at all when he hummed this familiar song. He even stated that the Japanese version of MANHUNT brought him on the road of voice acting and completely changed his life. This character was the one that he wanted to play the most, and now his dream finally came true! The event also released the Mainland version SONG OF MORIOKA music video. Ken Takakura performed this song before as well. Hanyu sang the entire SONG OF MORIOKA acappella. His magnetic voice was fully masculine and had the entire crowd under his spell.

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