Friday, November 17, 2017


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Stephy Qi and Zhang Hanyu
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed new version of MANHUNT will open in Hong Kong next Thursday, the 23rd. Recently the team has been promoting nonstop at the Venice, Toronto, Busan, London and Hong Kong international film festivals as raves rushed in like a tidal wave. Director Ng who just returned from promoting in Malaysia today would lead leads including Mainland Best Actor Zhang Hanyu, Korean film queen Ha Ji-Won and popular Mainland queen Stephy Qi Wei to the Hong Kong premiere.

MANHUNT aside from series of gun fights and car chases that would have the viewers' blood boiling, but also shot a large scale party that would be memorable at Japan's tallest skyscraper and Osaka's new landmark Abeno Harukas building. Zhang Hanyu was lucky as Qi Wei caught his eyes in a red Chinese dress and fell in love at first dance; on the other hand international model Tao seduced him with another dance. Dance scenes probably would be no problem for Best Actor Zhang Hanyu, but on camera he appeared stiff. Actually it was all acting. "I felt that the character was a very serious tough guy and probably would not react to the seduction. He probably would not have any shaken expression or cute gesture."

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