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The 54th Golden Horse Awards closed two nights ago. As expected, world renowned Chinese director Ang Lee will take over for Sylvia Chang to become the newest Golden Horse Film Festival executive committee president.

"I have been watching the Golden Horse Awards since I was little, it has always been like a goal." Ang Lee said in his usual awkward manner. He thanked Sylvia Chang for her contribution for the past four years of smooth and exciting Golden Horse Awards; he was very honored to be able to take over the important task.

Several days ago, the Golden Horse committee suddenly announced that Ang Lee would join this year's guest presenters. Taiwan media speculated that the current Golden Horse president Sylvia Chang would pass the baton to Ang Lee.

In 2013, Sylvia Chang took over for the previous president Hou Hsiao-hsien. After four years, the Golden Horse maintained its important position in the Chinese film industry. This year 576 films applied for competition, the most in history.

Since his first film, Ang Lee approached his "dream Golden Horse Awards". After over 30 years in film, many of his films like PUSHING HANDS, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and LUST CAUTION earned him the Golden Horse Award recognition.

In the eyes of Ang Lee, the Golden Horse Award was respected due to its relatively fair and open approach. He said, the executive committee after years of operation has become a mature and smooth running system; he would follow this route in the next few years and continue the tradition of excellence. "I hope for it to develop toward a healthier, fairer and more open direction generation after generation."

Reporters asked if he hesitated about taking over the post. Ang Lee revealed that because he lived in the U.S., when he got the call he questioned whether he would be able to live up to the task. Because of Sylvia Chang's "silver tongue" and the sincere letters from many former presidents, he made the decision after two months of consideration.

Ang Lee also said that his new film has already entered pre production planning, but his film production would not become the excuse of hindering his Golden Horse job. He would remain in Taiwan during the Golden Horse week and would spend even more time to communicate with the executive committee. Sylvia Chang added that the presidents have always served the event like a "public servant"; whether in Taiwan or the Mainland, she hoped to be able to encourage even more filmmakers to participate in the future.

The Golden Horse Film Festival executive committee president was a two year term. Veteran Taiwan filmmakers like Li Hsing, Wang Toon, and Peggy Chiao have served the post. Ang Lee will officially become the 7th Golden Horse "clan leader" starting January 2018.

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