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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Wang Qianyuan starred in the suspense action film PEACE BREAKER. In the film Sing Sing and Wang Qianyuan's fierce fight and chase scenes left deep impression. Sing Sing said that this time he worked with a Korean action team. They wanted realism in the fight so he and Wang Qianyuan's action scenes in the film all used real fight methods. For the fight scenes to have even more tension, Sing Sing even asked Wang Qianyuan to shove a toilet plunger into his own mouth. His professionalism truly was admirable.

Sing Sing said, "On the set all the fights were real. Qianyuan was very strong but he had no action film experience, so he didn't know how to 'hold back'. When he hit me he and I both felt the pain. Thus the audience would feel the pain too. Yet with a great co-star like Qianyuan I felt very excited." Wang Qianyuan said, "This was the first time I made a real fight action film, having a Heavenly King really scared me as I was afraid to hurt him. However he kept coming up with ideas to tell me to abuse him. He personally performed many scenes and ended up getting hurt. He almost had to postpone his upcoming concerts." Sing Sing in the film played a gutless "bad cop", a character that was a little humorous and exaggerated. It could be said as Sing Sing's attempt at comedy. Actually the funny ideas in this film all came from Sing Sing and Wang Qianyuan's improvisation. In one scene Sing Sing kissed Wang Qianyuan's hand, in another Wang Qianyuan while frisking Sing Sing "felt up his rear"; they improvised both.

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