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Nancy Liang with Louie Castro
(Starting right) Nancy Liang at tea with Mak Chui Han and Edith Au (left)

Nancy Liang was a sexy star and worked with James Yi on THE CRAZY INSTRUCTOR
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70s star Nancy Liang Lan Shih earlier passed away at a Tuen Mun hospital. Because her siblings all live in Macau and her boyfriend wanted a low key funeral, no arrangement was announced. Some said that the funeral might take place in Macau. Leung's friends earlier met to discuss how to assist her family.

Liang Lan Shih was an erotic star and performed in Hong Kong films like THE CRAZY INSTRUCTOR wih James Yi Lui, and CARRY ON CON MEN. Later she started on television and worked on TVB series A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME and ATV series.

Susan Shaw Yam Yam started around the same time as Liang Lan Shih. She said, "I am shocked! She was born in 1954, she was still very young. I still remember when we were working on movies together very well! No wonder, earlier whatever I posted on Facebook she liked. Then starting last month she didn't. Now looking back her last post was on October 14th!"

Veteran artist Ting Yu recalled having tea with Liang Lan Shih last month. "Our group of friends have tea on a regular basis, but last month she looked OK. I knew that she had cancer but didn't notice anything majorly wrong or discomfort with her. The news of her death was very regrettable. May she rest in peace!"

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