Tuesday, November 14, 2017


courtesy of on.cc[2017.11.

Director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s new film MANHUNT was shot entirely in Japan. In one scene on the river near the Enoshima Station in Osaka a dangerous jet ski motor between the "hunky" cop Masaharu Fukuyama and fugitive Zhang Hanyu took place. Looking heroic on camera, Fukuyama said off camera, "The jet ski was very hard to control, it really got me!" Reportedly the film even asked Japan national swim team athletes to be lifeguards and directly stand by in the river.

Although when Zhang Hanyu earlier worked on the film OPERATION MEKONG he learned to rde a jet ski, but the Japanese water sport requirement was very strict, requiring a certification for truly riding on a river. Due to language he was unable to pass, he could only sit on the jet ski on the river and be towed. On the other hand, Masaharu Fukuyama was certified and was able to personally perform. During his break he flew on the river.

In ths scene Zhang Hanyu jumped from the jet ski on the river to go on the lam on the road and climb on a climb. He happened to run into a famous Osaka Danjiri Matsuri. He took the chance and snuck into the crowd and made Fukuyama's pursuit even more difficult. The story as even more intense. The jet ski got Masaharu Fukuyama, but the most difficult was multiple language barrier for Zhang Hanyu. He said, "This was the firs time I had Chinese, English and Japanese dialogue in one flm, to me it was quite a challenge. In addition communication took the most time when working with actors of different nations. Luckily under the director's planning the film was completed successfully."

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