Thursday, November 2, 2017


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Aaron Kwok earlier attended a watch event in Taiwan
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Two Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Wang Qianyuan starred in the suspense action film PEACE BREAKER (POR GUK), which will open in Hong Kong soon. The film was based on the Korean film A HARD DAY and directed by Taiwan director Lien Yi-Chi. The entire film was shot mainly in Malaysia and Taiwan. In the story Malaysian police officer Sing Sing was under corruption investigation. On his way to his mother's funeral he accidentally killed someone and hid the corpse in his mother's coffin. Originally he planned to bury the secret forever. However Wang Qianyuan witnessed Sing Sing's action and plotted for him to dig up the corpse, while the victim's secret forced Sing Sing and Wang Qianyuan into a corner.

Sing Sing this time had to challenge the "bad cop" character. Having mostly played heroic characters, he said, "Different from my past police characters, he can be either good or bad. Playing such a character has its difficulties. As the character faced sudden but different dark humor, tragedy, action and absurd situations, the emotional changes had to be grasped very accurately. In addition, the team had to shoot action chases in Malaysia under 45 degree (Celsius) high heat. It wasn't easy at all."

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