Wednesday, November 29, 2017


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The film MANHUNT has already officially opened. Earlier Director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) and Ha Ji-Won at the Taipei premiere teamed up for a dove magic trick and received raves. Actually Ha Ji-Won was super afraid of doves but in order to perfectly bring the exciting moment to the premiere she over came her anxiousness and seriously rehearsed with the director. With a knack for drawing she smoothly completed the mission. Instead Director Ng Yu Sum who had no problem with adjustments to big scenes joked, "Wow...this scene really is a little difficult!"

During practice, Ha Ji-Won saw the "dove" and said "cute". Her fear inside was immediately reduced. In addition she had a knack for drawing. Even when she was afraid she was still able to draw a beautiful dove. However when director Ng Yu Sum pulled out the dove, Ha Ji-Won who was afraid of nothing during he shoot was still a little nervous. She took small steps away from the dove. The director in order to perfectly pull out the dove also practiced many times, which made him joke, "This scene really is a little difficult!" The director also observed Ha Ji-Won's fear of doves. He said, "If I knew before that she was a little afraid, I should have arranged for her to perform with doves in MANHUNT. The result definitely would have been great."

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