Sunday, November 26, 2017


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Francis Ng Chun Yu yesterday were invited to be guests at a charity walk. They said that they often participate in goodwill visits and would bring their children. They even taught their children to donate their beloved toys to children in need. Kwan Yu admitted that her daughter has already started to stop buying toys. She said that as her daughter grew she started to buy makeup; Chun Yu felt that his son would have difficulty with that because boys after growing up would have other toys they want to buy.

Lately they worked together on the Kwan Yu directed and starred new film GOLDBUSTER (YIU YIU LING). Kwan Yu said that she wanted to change the title to YIU LING LING because she thought it was cuter. Kwan Yu said that directing and performing was rather stressful. "For years people took care of me, as a director I had to take care all the lords. Isn't this retribution? On the set it really very tough, almost all the shoots were at night. Thus every time after midnight I could see their rage. I would then have to entertain them." Chun Yu complained, "She of course made herself sound so noble, I haven't worked for 40 nights in a row in a long time. I was out of rhythm with life and had to sneak off for an afternoon massage to relax, if not I really couldn't take it."

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