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The film MANHUNT starred Chinese Best Actor Zhang Hanyu and Japanese god Masaharu Fukuyama as they displayed director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s classic heroic duo loyalty. The entire film was shot in Japan. The firs encounter of the two heroes was shot at a real construction site in the Osaka suburb. Zhang Hanyu in order to evade arres snuck onto the site and disguised himself as a construction worker. He put dirt all of his face but after the kind cop Nanami Sakuraba washed his face, Masaharu Fukuyama discovered him. Zhang Hanyu could only pick up a nearby nail gun and hold her hostage. Fukuyama immediately pulled out his gun and even suggested for him to be his captive. The atmosphere was intense. Although on the first day of the shoot the mud made Zhang Hanyu very itchy, he was very professional. On the second day after he arrived on the set he boldy said to the make up artist, "Don't spare on the mud!"

Director Ng and Zhang Hanyu explained that in this scene the escape was through a tunnel, on the way Zhang kept looking for a way out. At the same time he could have climb the steel beams but they were very steep. With his wet clothes and shoes the climb was dangerous, as he kept sliding and even falling into the muddy puddle. Although this scene was dangerous, Zhang Hanyu told everyone to relax. He said, "The double already demonstrated the stunt a few times. The steel beams even had wire netting around it. As long as I slid like he did I was fine." Finally he finished he scene and Director Ng was very pleased.

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