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Kara Wai, Yang Ya-Che and Vicky Chen hope to rub some lucky off the Golden Horse Award
Huang Bo (below) hopes Tiffany Hsu wins Best Supporting Actress
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The 54th Golden Horse award will take place tonight. With seven nominations LOVE EDUCATION yesterday held a Taiwan press conference. Director and star Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) met the press with her on screen family. Aside from Best Director and Best Actress nominations for Cheung Ngai Ga, Mainland star Tian Zhuangzhung also was nominate for Best Actor and the 79 year old Mainland actress Wu Yanshu received the Best Supporting Actress nomination. Reportedly during the shoot they formed a "LOVE EDUCATION FOR LIFE" group. Everyday Wu Yanshu woke everyone up and greeted everyone.

Tian Zhuangzhung turned from director to actor and even was nominated for Best Actor. He said that the Golden Horse Award might have made a mistake. He did not know whether to describe his nomination as happy or unhappy. "I really wouldn't act again. How hard performing art is, I am very certain. My parents did that for a living." As for the three generations women with young girls' hearts, Tin Zhuangzhuang said, "Young girl's heart to me is pure, innocent, nothing has tainted it yet." The description could not be more apt for Wu Yanshu, who must sit at a window seat to watch clouds on flights and would converse with her daughter's "baby voice" to a doll at home.

Cheung Ngai Ga's Best Actress competition also included THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Hong Kong star Kara Wai Ying Hung and THE VILLAGE OF NO RETURN's Taiwan star Shu Qi. Tian Zhuangzhuang's Best Actor competition included SEE YOU TOMORROW's Japanese hunk Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) and THE CONFORMIST's Mainland star Huang Bo. OUR TIME WILL COME's Tony Leung Ka Fai and Deanie Ip Tak Han split up to vie for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

In addition, yesterday was the Golden Horse Award eve, at the invitation of Golden Horse award president Sylvia Chang, the Cinema City septet that reigned Hong Kong and Taiwan film industry in the 80s arrived in Taiwan. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Terry Robin Kwan, Shi Nansun first met film viewers yesterday afternoon at the "Golden Horse X Sina Forum: Cinema City". Speaking of Cinema City's influence and meaning, Tsang Chi Wai said, "Without Cinema City, we wouldn't be in show business today."

In the eyes of Chi Wai, the Cinema City spirit was inclusive and innovative. "Every one of our movies can make money with sequels, but we always say, we can't keep making sequels because we have to create even more new genres to work with other film professionals. Comedy, horror, musical, even comedy has many different types." Teddy Robin also stressed, "The seven of us really like to innovate, we want very much for the new wave to arrive. From the past to the present, Cinema City is a selfless spirit that keeps on looking forward."

Shi Nansun and Wong Pak Ming talked about a new screenwriter at the company. "Back then we signed a new screenwriter, but he hasn't appeared in two months. I went to ask Wong Pak Ming if he was coming or not, if not I was going to fire him. That person was Wong Kar Wai." Wong Pak Ming said, "After two to three months he handed in no work. I said give him three week. After three weeks the script division received the script but they only said it was a pile of wasted paper." Reportedly that pile of wasted paper was the later classic film AS TEARS GO BY.

In addition, back then Best Actress Maggie Cheung Man Yuk was still selling children's clothing at a department store. She caught director Yonfan's eyes but she was not hired because no one thought she was a traditional Chinese beauty. Shi Nansun suggested for her to compete in Miss Hong Kong and she was the first runner up. The next day she immediately received film offers.

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