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Chrissie Chau, Fire Lee, Stephy Tang
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Chrissie Chau and Stephy Tang do not like to argue
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Chrissie Chau Sau Na and others yesterday promoted their new film HUSBAND KILLER (NUI JI FOOK SAU) on the radio. The film was about wife and mistress problems. Stephy and Sister Na both would immediately take care of any relationship problem whenever they would run into one and would not drag their feet. Stephy said that she did not like to argue and would only talk sense into her other half. Sometimes silence would be a woman's strongest assault weapon. Often she would still be upset and did not want to talk. Actually sometimes when the other half would ease it with a little hug and kiss. If he did not do anything like that she would stay mad until he got it. However very often he would not be able to guess it. Sister Na agreed, "When you a are upset, you can't talk about anything. Otherwise as soon as you do you would explode. I don't like to argue either, the result wouldn't be good."

When they discovered that their other half was cheating they began to fight directly. Stephy said, "If you have problem you have to directly talk about it, you can't drag it out. The longer you drag on the problem grows. When I run into situations like these I would cut the cord right away." Sister Na would resolve the problem in the same way. "I wouldn't hold it in or drag it out, otherwise I would lose face. I would owe myself for treating him faithfully before." Co-star Gaile Lok was stuck in Bali and had to leave through a detour. They had no idea but knew that Gaile would attend the premiere next Tuesday.

In addition, earlier Stephy's mother reportedly wanted to force Stephy to cut ties with her Taiwan volleyball coach friend. Stephy was surprised. "I didn't know about such a reporter. We have always been friends and stayed in touch. Most recently when her volleyball team's documentary was released, my friends and I went to the premiere. Mommy knows we are friends. I know everyone is drawing a lot of conclusions. I already deliberately not interact with her too much or post photos online to avoid further speculation. However I don't need to avoid being friends with her."

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