Monday, November 27, 2017


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The 54th Golden Horse Award has come to an end. The winner group photo was also unveiled. This star studded photo actually came from Hong Kong photographer Alex Lam. It was the four year in a row for the Hong Kong Taiwan collaboration. This year the Golden Horse Award saluted to the Wong Kar Wai directed classic HAPPY TOGETHER. From the Hong Kong production company Secret 9 Production House, Alex Lam already conceived for the winners to sit in the film's important location, the roof, and be Happy Together. That night after each winner accepted the award, Alex would take photo of them in the narrow backstage in an extremely short period of time. "Thank you to top Korean graphic artist Hwang Man Seok for having this rooftop backdrop ready. That night six graphic artists worked all night to create this classic photo. I hope that not only the winners but each film lover would like it." Actually last year and this year's Golden Horse nominee photos were also taken by Secret 9. Secret 9 also has worked with the Hong Kong Film Award for 7 years. Under Alex's lens were all superstars.

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